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"Fun, insightful and endlessly amusing."

-Ain't It Cool News

"Thoughtful and entertaining."


-Chicago Daily Herald

What was your worst break-up? How did you get over it? Who do you date next? Why online dating? Why speed dating? Why Cuddle Parties? Why are there more single people out there now than there ever have been before?
The new documentary Break-Up Date attempts to answer these questions by following regular people who are at that awkward and uncertain time between relationships when one is confronted with the dating world that favors appearance over substance. Featuring candid and funny interviews with filmmakers, authors, dating coaches, divorce attorneys and talk show hosts, Break-Up Date is a romantic comedy in documentary form; a smarter, more insightful alternative to the empty-headed dating realty shows on television.
This is a movie everyone can relate to, whether you want to or not.

2008 Lake County Film Festival
2008 London Independent Film Festival
2008 Route 66 Film Festival
2008 Naperville Independent Film Festival
2008 San Francisco Documentary Film Festival
2009 - A week-long run at Chicago's Gene Siskel Film Center

The DVD includes Audio Commentary Track with cast and crew, Deleted Scenes, Gene Siskel Film Center Premiere footage and the Trailer.

The film will also stream for free throughout the month of February on the film's IMDB page.

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