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Christmas Movies Actually podcast


All episodes available on iTunes, Stitcher and Spotify.

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A collection of short films about Christmas, compiled here for an upcoming episode. Collin writes about short films for and has been the short films programmer for the Chicago Critics Film Festival since 2013, so this is certainly a passion of his. We can't want to talk more about these.

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You know what this podcast is about, but here you can see more, read more and learn more about who we are, what we look like and what makes us happy. 



What does our sign-off mean?

"Dickens!" comes from our The Man Who Invented Christmas episode. Why don't we say "Dickens!" to each other during the holidays? Because we'd get funny looks. Oh. Right. 

"Stay a little Jesus, everyone" comes from the Code Pere Noel episode. In that film, there's a bizarre song by Bonnie Tyler in which she says "Stay a little Jesus," which caught Kerry's ear. 

"Baaaah!" is, of course, the sound a sheep makes.

"Humbug!" is its logical conclusion.

How many more movies does Kerry have to see from the 1,001 Movies You Must See Before You Die book?

As of August, 2020, at least 400.

Do you plan on doing Eyes Wide Shut?


Can I be on the Eyes Wide Shut episode?

No. Maybe. Please take a number.

Do you plan on doing all the Hallmark and Lifetime movies?

If they merit an episode by tying into something current, we'll do them (like Lifetime's The March Sisters At Christmas while a version of Little Women was in theaters). There are already entire podcasts dedicated to just that genre. 

Where do you get those weird Christmas songs you play at the end of the show?

There's a record collector named Andy Cirzan who uploads an album's worth of Christmas oddities every year. He scours the earth for holiday obscura. I've (Collin) been downloading those CDs for over a decade and have hung onto them. Hundreds of songs! We plan to work our way through every track as the show goes on. Also, most of them are public domain, so no rights issues to worry about.

How can I get a hold of you to suggest a title or ask another question?

Follow us on Twitter (@santafilmpod) or email us at We'd love to hear from you.

We're having a joyful time with this podcast and we hope to continue it long into the future. 

Hey, thanks for listening!

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Letterbox'd page:

Every film we've ever talked about, including the "We Just Say Book" segment.

Christmas, 2019.

Santa With Muscles T-square.JPG

A Santa With Muscles-themed T-square, complete with stills of the film and cheap, plastic dark crystals. 

Kerry and Book.JPG

Kerry hit the 500-5001 mark when this photo was taken (movies were The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover and The Paleface. Listen to the One Magic Christmas episode for reviews).

Say hi to Phoebe.

Knitted stockings.JPG

Knitted by Kerry during many movies.

Recipes for odd food items heard about in these films:

Sock It To Me Cake (as heard in This Christmas)

Tom and Jerrys

(as heard in Beyond Tomorrow)

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