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Chicago Critics Film Festival

CCFF logo red.png

The Chicago Critics Film Festival takes place every year at the Music Box Theatre in Chicago, IL. Since 2013, members of the Chicago Film Critics Association curate the best of the best in indie cinema as well as retrospective anniversary screenings of past hits.


Collin has been the Short Films programmer of the festival since its inception, while also being the primary videographer for the guest Q&As. He has also designed many posters and assembles and designs the slideshow that plays between films.

Q&As can also be found on the Multihead Productions youtube page. The official festival posters (seen below) were designed by Richard Medina and Ian Simmons.

CCFF Poster final cut FB.jpg
CCFF2015 06.png
CCFF poster.png
CCFF2017_3 small.jpg
CCFF2018 Poster Small.jpg
CCFF final postersmall.jpg

Posters designed by Collin

CCFF Shorts poster 2014 jpg.jpg
CCFF 2015 guests poster.jpg
CCFF 2015 shorts poster (3).jpg
CCFF Midnight Shorts.jpg
CCFF 2016 shorts poster.jpg
CCFF 2018 shorts poster.jpg
CCFF Guest poster.jpg
CCFF 2019 shorts poster.jpg
CCFF 2019 guest poster.jpg
Light From Light poster.jpg
Greener Grass poster.jpg
CCFF2021 shorts poster jpg.jpg
CCFF 2022 Shorts Poster small.jpg
2022 Guests poster.jpg
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