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Barrel of Monkeys is a non-profit organization in Chicago that teaches a fun, energetic creative writing and theater workshop in inner city elementary schools. The critically acclaimed company is made up of actors and educators who engage kids in writing exercises, acting and theater games. At the end of the 6-week program, the kids' stories are adapted into a sketch comedy-style show and taken back to the school where the kids see their stories come to life on stage. World saved.

Meet the Monkeys is a feature-length documentary that follows the members of Barrel of Monkeys to two school residencies, from the first day of class to show day. It explores the BOM creative process while also getting to know the schools themselves and the people who run them. It also examines the impact No Child Left Behind has had on the world of arts education and how good schools struggle to stay open in the wake of such policies.

DVD Includes: Feature-length documentary, BOM public performances, Deleted scenes, Big Headed Man video, short films by BOM and a DVD insert featuring stories written by elementary school students.


UPDATE: Barrel of Monkeys has since changed their name to Playmakers Laboratory.  Different name, same spirit and mission. 

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